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Your Locally Owned Solar Power Installation Company - Le Mars, Iowa

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The Benefits of Buying Solar Locally 


Affordable - Martian Solar Power has the same distribution access to the same high quality solar equipment as the big out-of-state companies. However, their massive overhead expenses for online marketing campaigns, shipping, logistics, equipment, travel and labor are passed on to their customer resulting in much higher solar power pricing.


Superior Service - We live here and they don't. The benefits of buying local are prompt communication, face-to-face interaction, professional on-site evaluations and an experienced in-house installation team.


Informative & Hassle Free - Out-of-state companies pitch quick & aggressive sales strategies. We believe in educating you first.  Everyone has questions and we are here to help. We provide a no-cost professional on-site evaluation to make sure solar power would be a good fit. It's important to us that our systems perform at an optimal level and we take pride in exceeding expectations.


Experienced - Professional 20 Year Quality Workmanship Warranty - 11 Years Solar Power Design & Installation Experience - NABCEP Solar PV Electric Trained & Enphase Certified - Iowa Licensed & Insured Contractor - Iowa Licensed Electrical & Structural Engineering Permit & Planset Services - HVAC Certified 


Why Switch to Solar?

  • Electric Bill Reduction Or Elimination

  • 25+ Year Equipment Warranty

  • Renewable Clean Energy Is A Good Thing!

  • Energy Independence From The Utility 

  • Solar Tax Credits & Grants Available

  • Solar Power Increases Property Value

  • Secure Investment & Return 

  • The Cost Of Electricity Is Always Rising 

  • Solar Power Supply Is Limitless

  • Business & Home Sustainability For Our Family

  • Zero To Low-Cost Maintenance

Federal Solar Tax Credit

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by Congress in August, the federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), was increased to 30% and extended to 2034. That’s right! For the next 10 years, homeowners can deduct 30% of the cost of a solar system from their taxes. In 2033 and 2034, the solar tax credit will be reduced to 26% and 22% respectively and eliminated in 2035. Businesses can also claim the 30% solar tax credit but only until 2025. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We are helping the state of Iowa reduce its carbon footprint one solar panel at a time! Reducing our carbon footprint is essential not only for us as humans but also for our planet’s future. 


  • Home electricity accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas pollution.

  • An average residential solar system eliminates 4 tons of carbon emissions annually. This is roughly equivalent to planting over 100 trees per year!

Interested In The USDA Rural REAP Solar Grant & Loan Program?
We Provide Quick, Easy, Reliable & Affordable Underwriting Services



101 1st St NW Suite C
Le Mars, IA 51031


Free Solar Power Evaluation & Payback Analysis


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